May 16, 2024

Creating an Account on Twenifor: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step-by-Step Guide: Setting Up Your Twenifor Account

Opening an Twenifor Account, Part 1

Step 1 : 

Choose the type of account you wish to create: either an organization or an individual buyer.

Please note: only organizations can be sellers, and a business email domain ( is required. Additionally, selecting an organization means that both purchase and sales receipts will be issued in the business name.

Step 2 : 

Register using a phone number or an email address, and then verify your account with the confirmation code provided.

Step 3 :

Create your password.

Step 4 : 

Enter your name and email address.

*The steps for setting up an Individual Account conclude here*

If you have proceeded with an organization account,

Step 5 :

Select the plan you wish to acquire: Basic, Pro, or Enterprise.

Step 6 : 

Enter your business informations as Number of registration (NEQ), taxes, office adress.

Step 7 : 

Press on set up Stripe account to continue on the Part 2 of creating an account.

Opening an Stripe Account, Part 2

Stripe may request additional documents for verification purposes. These documents are necessary to confirm your Stripe Express account, which will give you access to the transactions made on your account.

Step 1 : 

Enter the same Email as your twenifor account.

Step 2

Register using a phone number and then verify your account with the confirmation code provided.

Step 3 :

Click on "Create an enterprise".

Step 4 :

Enter all the required information.

Step 5 :

Provide a bank account specimen so your funds can be automatically deposited.

Step 6 : 

Confirm all information is correct then press "Accept and Submit"

Signing the Twenifor agreement, Part 3

Step 1:

Go to the 'My Profile' section.

Step 2:

Click on the "View Agreement Document" tab.

Step 3:

Enter your name in the Agreement.

Step 4:

Click on the "Send for Signature" button.

Step 5:

Check your emails. The agreement has been sent; you should sign it electronically.

Account opening completed.

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