Feb 6, 2023

How TWENIFOR can help you on putting the emphasis on The three Rs (euse, reselling, recycling)

With our emphasis on the three Rs (reuse, reselling, recycling) TWENIFOR saves you money on any demolition project. We have a wide range of industry resources and equipment to make sure that everything is in order.

The TWENIFOR team that is made up of experienced contractors will help you come up with the most cost-effective way to handle you overstock and construction demolition waste and help you stay “green” in the process. According to some studies, 29 percent of landfill is made up of materials from demolition sites.

This shows that if we continue to reuse and recycle some of these materials, we will preserve our environment and you will obtain significant cash benefits in the process. Our demolition recycling program is a win-win for everyone.

We a reliable waste management professionals and we promise to give you the best return on your assets (demolition materials). We do this while adhering to safety and by providing you a way to get best return on your waste through our Auction Platform Marketplace

We offer recycling of demolition materials.

Recycling items such as copper, electrical wires, cables, aluminum and brass will bring your cost down and protect the environment at the same time. we take care of it all and then we auction it through TWENIFOR platform

We also work with recycling companies to help you save even more. By putting your  recyclable materials on the platform  you will get money back from the project cost.

We will create a detailed plan of execution and help you inventory all of your overstock materials.

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